Green garden countryside of Muuga


Nowadays the green garden area of Muuga is considered to be one of the most popular and perspective suburban areas of Tallinn.

Real estate in the area is in great demand among the investors and those who want to move to their own house from appartments.

At present there are 3500 plots of land and summer cottages,permanently occupied by 1500-2000 owners in the area of Muuga.The number of owners is constantly increasing.

The choice of the area is inspired by a number of the following factors:

  • it is in the green garden countryside;
  • it is located near Tallinn(from the centre of Muuga to the centre of Tallinn is 14 km);
  • it is on the public transport route(you can reach Muuga by buses Nos. №34 А,286 and 267,and by transfer taxi);
  • you can find all facilities(including central waterpipes,gas,electricity,telephone,internet,cable television,sewerage-system);
  • you can find there public-social centres,primary school,leasure centre,stadium,commercial centres,chemist's,petrol stations etc.;
  • The prices of real estate in the area are less expensive than in the neighbouring districts of Pirita and Viimsi.
  • A good profit is gained by investing in real estate in Muuga-during recent years the cost of land plots has been increasing by 50.000-100.000 EEK annualy.

Creating the web-site MUUGA KINNISVARA we do not only offer our mediatory service in purchasing and selling real estate in the area of Muuga but we also present the opportunity for people living in Muuga and everyone who wants to communicate through the Internet.